Ariston Maldives

This cosy residence with its peaceful ambience holds thirteen rooms (including an in-house restaurant) and —- affable staff, ready to serve their guests to the best of their calibre. Situated in a friendly neighborhood, Ariston Dhangethi Inn has a picturesque beach front, all set to give you the island vacation feels.

The thirteen rooms are fully furnished, with additional complementaries to suit your stay. This three story building is the first guest house opened in Dhangethi nearly four years ago. Since then, it has been a favorable point for both foreign and local visitors. The owners of this guest house has been environmental advocates, urging locals to efficiently abolish waste without harming the beautiful nature that surrounds the island. 

The only Dive Centre that is currently functioning in the island is owned by Ariston. An array of water-sports and other fun activities such as kite surfing can be experienced here. Staff working in the Dive Centre are friendly, and are fluent in English.

Maldivian Idol, the first season of the famous international franchise had one of their rounds hosted in our guest house. Guests will be given a local tour of the island with every juicy detail and history it has to offer.