Public Ferry

Public Ferry
Local Ferry

Operated Only On Scheduled Dates

Male’ to Dhangethi
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (09.00) from Villingilli terminal (one stop and a ferry change in Mahibadhoo)

Dhangethi’ to Male’
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (09.00 am) from Dhangethi jetty (one stop and a ferry change in Mahibadhoo)

Note: –
- Tickets are issued from the ferry terminal on the day of travel.
- Ticket price is MVR 53.00 per person.
– Depends on weather conditions.
– Service may stop without prior notice. 
– The ferry takes over 06 hours to reach the destination station
– Prior booking is required at least 3 days in advance

How to reach the local ferry terminal (Villingilli Ferry Terminal) from the airport. 

Speed Boat

Scheduled Direct Speed Boat to Dhangethi

-       Scheduled speed boat departs from Male’ between 1500hrs to 1600hrs (confirm time is only known on travel date)

-       Scheduled speed boat departs from Dhangethi island 0700hrs.

-       The journey time is 01 hour 45 minutes

-       The ticket rate per person is USD 35.00 for one way.


Speed Contact Details

1. - Speedboat name: ENDHERI EXPRESS 01

- Speedboat contact name: JC

- Speedboat contact no: +960- 7739068 (avialable on WhatsApp and Viber)

2. - Speedboat name: Fazaas

- Speedboat contact name: Kuday

- Speedboat contact no: +960- 749444 / 9938045 (available on WhatsApp and Viber)


Speed Boat Parked location 

This is the place where the speedboat is parked after arriving from Dhangethi till 01 hours before departure. Should you want to put your luggage you can come here and drop off at the speedboat. The luggage drop timings are from 1000hrs to 1400hrs. Following is the google map link from airport to this place:,73.5274594/4.1693058,73.5068291/@4.1696034,73.5064536,20z?hl=en


Speed Boat Departure Location

This is the place where the speedboat comes before departure. The speedboat comes 30 minutes before the departure time. The final time of departure is decided on the day itself. The tentative given time is between 1500hrs and 1600hrs. Kindly check on the day itself by calling what time they are departing and come 30 minutes before departure. The seating is first to come first basis. The best seats are in the back facing forward of the speedboat. Following is the google map link from airport to this place:,73.5274594/4.1795983,73.5105206/@4.1793329,73.5094022,17z/am=t/data=!4m2!4m1!5i1?hl=en


- The Taxi fee charges in Male’ with luggage is from MVR 35.00 to MVR 50.00 per one way.

- If you want us to arrange airport pick we will charge USD 10.00 extra per person. In this we will receive you form your international flight and we will escort you to the speed boat in Male’, first to drop your luggage’s to the speed boat and then we will show you the speed boat departure place. 

- However, if you want to go on your own you just pay the speed boat cost price of USD 35.00 per person. For this, just follow the above instruction. We will book the speedboat. But kindly be in contact with the speedboat for the latest update. If you are planning to go on your own its advisable to take sim card upon arrival to Maldives to contact.

- The above instructions may change without notice, this is why we are informing to keep in touch with the speedboat. 

- We will wait in the harbour of Dhangethi island to receive you, where the speedboat arrives.

- If you take the speedboat on your own, do kindly inform us. Then only we will know of your arrival for sure.  

- - This is a third-party service, we cannot bare loss;

-          The speed boat will leave on time as per schedule

-          The speed boat will not travel in bad weather

-          The speed boat may cancel without prior notice

-          Booking should be done at least 07 days ahead. Otherwise seats are subjected to availability at the time of booking.

-          Male’ is the capital island of Maldives.

-          Dhangethi is the island where Ariston Dhangethi Inn is located.

-          If booked directly kindly inform the details.

Domestic Flight

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This is a domestic flight operating in Maldives. The flight arrives to a domestic airport called Maamigili airport in South Ari. Atoll. The time required to reach the Maamigili airport, from Ibrahim Nasir International airport (MLE), is 20 minutes. At Maamigili the guests board to a speed boat scheduled to arrive at Dhangethi, the place where the Ariston Dhangethi INN is located. The trip by the speed boat to reach Dhangethi, lasts 20 minutes. The trip on a speed boat is similar to a day cruise inside south Ari Atoll, as the speed boat goes inside the atoll. Depending on conditions flying fish and dolphins may be seen on the way of the trip.


– The cost of an adult round (two way) flight ticket per person is USD290.00 including the boarding on the speed boat.
– One way adult flight ticket costs USD175.00 per person, including the speed boat boarding.
– Children up to 12 years of age and infants are considered as being at an age of 2 years old.
– Children return (return) flight ticket costs USD145.00, including the speed boat boarding.
– One way child flight ticket costs USD72.50, including the speed boat boarding.
– Infants (babies) travel free, under the condition of being under the guardian's supervision.
– Transport is based on the flight schedule per day.
– To book the flight, a prior notice is required at least 7 days in advance, presenting a passport copy and international flight details (flight number and time).
– Any changes should be notified at least 3 in advance of the flight date.In any other case you will be charged with the cost of the one way flight.
– Transport prices are inclusive of all government taxes.
– Rates subject to change without further notice. The agent will be informed of the changes.

Internationals Arrival Terminal to Domestic Terminal

Sea Plane

Ariston Dhangethi INN is reached in 25 minutes by a trip with the seaplane. The flight takes off on a water runway in the sea plane terminal. The view from the seaplane gives a picture as of having pearls on a necklace. You can view the crystal clear water lagoons during this short 25 minute trip direct to Dhangethi. 

Tips before booking the seaplane

- The ticket cost (one way) per adult is USD360 (inclusive of 12% TGST). Children under 12 will take a 50% discount.
- Infants travel free, as persons under 2 years of age.
- Prior notice of 4 (four) days in advance for a confirmed booking should be given to Seaplane Company to arrange the flight.
- The seaplane company may only confirm the flight in less than 24 hours.
- You are allowed to carry luggage allowance of 25 KG. An additional charge of USD2 is charged for each KG exceeding the total of 25KG.
- The seaplane company operates from 06:00 to 18:00 hours. Guests arriving by international airlines later than 15:00 are not accepted by the company for same day's trip. A flight of next day may be possible, in case they have selected the seaplane.
- No refund is given by the Ariston Dhangethi INN, for cancelled or delayed flights due to bad weather conditions. This is a force majeure condition. 
- Please take note that in case you select the flight with the seaplane, your arrival is calculated at a time of about 3 hours from the time of your landing at the airport.